Yaşar University Foundation Courses Program (FCP)

‘Foundation Courses’ are incorporated into the curriculum of Yaşar University to assist students in gaining essential skills.  These essential skills can provide graduates with advantages and differentiating abilities, when compared to their contemporaries. Research and reviews are carried out of international higher education programs, to ensure the relevence of these additional skills in the market place. In addition recent ‘needs analysis’ is also undertaken to identify the demands of the sector, institutions and businesses, which may recruit our graduates.

Foundation Courses (UFND)

  • UFND 010B Semiology and Semantics
  • UFND 010C History and Philosophy of Science
  • UFND 020 Research Culture
  • UFND 030 Design Culture
  • UFND 040 Aesthetic Culture
  • UFND 050 Ethic Culture
  • UFND 060 Project Culture
  • UFND 070 Social Responsibility

The aforementioned courses differ from the ‘compulsory’ lessons, which are  determined by the Council of Higher Education.  They also differ from the ‘specialized’ and ‘elective’ courses, as chosen by the students  studying on Bachelor programs (Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering) or on Associate Degree programs  (Vocational School).  These courses however are coordinated within the students’ learning programme.  They are also commonly shared and a compulsory componant for students of all departments within each  Faculty and Vocational School program.

Philosophy Courses are ‘corporate’ courses, which teach the university’s scientific assertions. They reflect the common institutional, academic, cultural and unique identity values of Yaşar University, its essential principles, along with the methodology needed to adopt the philosophical basis of these principles. Under the guidance of the respective academic members of staff, the students are expected to succeed in these courses throughout eight terms of a  Bachelor Degree program and throughout four terms of an Associate Degree program.  When assigning students to classes, the university does not differentiate between students, who are following a Bachelor or an Associated Degree program.

Activities Course, is a ‘practical’ course, in which students devise solutions to actual, real life problems (social, cultural, enviornmental, political, professional etc.) outwith the university campus, by forming ‘multi-disciplinary study groups’. The concept  behind this course is to develop a student’s  social awareness towards real life issues, creating an active scientific challenge which lies within the framework of the university’s responsibility.   In the event of a  Yaşar University student failing this course, he / she may not graduate from the university, even if he / she succeeds in every other academic activity.

The Philosphy and Activities courses are awarded two (2) and one (1) ECTS credit respectively.